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Signage ONE customizes your layout to fit your branding and messaging needs. Our digital signage and use of widgets help you break through distractions to show real-time, compelling content that people will notice and care about. Have real time updates from weather, to events, traffic, and live RSS Feeds! We can import data from Google calendar, Google sheets, Office 365 and more.


Weather widgets show current weather and five-day forecast on screen, updating continuously so that you can always stay in the know.

Time Span

Generate countdowns and build excitement to or from any event or topic. Timespans can include hours, minutes, and seconds.


Show calendar bookings from Google for live event schedules and where they are being held.

live rss feed

Display live RSS feeds as text in messages or tickers. RSS Feeds are an easy way to stay up to date with your favorite websites, such as blogs or online magazines – for sports, finances, and more.

mass notification

Keep your business/campus informed and safe with instant Mass notifications that are CAPS (Common Alerting Protocol System) compliant, meaning it works with your current safety systems to help protect your area once an event is triggered, displaying messages anywhere there is a TV – both indoors and outdoors.


Display live updates for fundraisers and showcase goals through the use of Excel and Google Sheets. Imported data changes in real time with your digital display.

qr codes

Use QR codes to gather information for surveys, create sign ups for events, or simply to share more resources. QR codes can be tracked for how many times they have been scanned and where they have been scanned from, for easy data analyzation.

cbord menus

Pull in data from NetMenu to create stunning and auto-updating menu boards.

video capture

Show live video from set-top boxes and other sources on HD players.

live stream

Include live video streams from URLs on screen to grab attention from concerts, presentations, speakers, and more.


Show schedule from EMS & EMS Platform Services and book rooms. Also show exchange calendars and make reservations on the digital signs.

WEB PAGE/ Web Browser

Show off webpages from a URL, or data map to an MRSS feed, or play HTML5 webpage content up to full screen at up to 4K resolution.

Digital Applications of Signage ONE

Text Tools

Type text or import it from data Sources with pro typography options


Show current weather and five-day forecasts on screen


Display live RSS fesds as textin messages or tickers


Show Exchange calendars and make resenvations on the digial sign


Show oft your images and videos messages or content zones

Interactive Artwork

Create touch and mouse click hot spots too launch external content

Text Splitter

Spit large amounts of text into multiple segments for easy reading

Office 365

Sync to Office 365 calendars to show event schedules or book at the sign


Add cool shapes and format colors and opacity for cool designs

Video Stream

Include e video streams from URLS on screen to grab attention

Auto-Sizing Text

Ensure text always looks good inside. content zones


Show schedule from EMS & EMS Platform Services and book rooms

Web Image

Point to a URL to pull in an image from a website

Web Page

Show off webpages from a URL, or data map to an MRSS feed


Grab XML data you already have with multiple formatting options

Google Calendar

Show calendar bookings from Google for live event schedules

Date & Time

Show the current date and time in a variety of formats

Web Browser

Play HTMLS webpage content full screen at up to 4K resolutons


Import data you already have from Excel Spreadsheets


Configure Delphi.fdc or I-Server data to display real-time event schedules


Display the time in analog and digital formats for any time zone

Google Sheets

Import data you alresdy have from Google Sheets.


Map to JSON files on your computer, network or via web download

College Net

Show room schedules from 25Live by CollegeNet and book at the screen


Generate countdowns to or from any event or topic

Fill-In Text Block

Add fillable text blocks to any message or layout template

Data Text Choice

Specify text to show with "if this, show that" scenarios for data-mapped text


Sync to your Mazevo calendars to show event schedules and listings

Media Directory

Point to a network folder to show. images and videos automatically

Fill-In Auto sizing text

Ensure text entered in templates always looks good on screen

Event Calendar

Customize Touch room signs schedule playback and design

Ad Astra

Showroom and event schedules from Astra Schedule

Video Capture

Show live video from set-top boxes and other sources on HD players

Voice Recognizer

Add a voice-user interface for hands- free interactivity on any screen

Room Availability Lights

Tigger availability lights on Touch interactive room signs

Text File

Show room and event schedules from a text file


Pull in data from NetMenu to create stunning, auto-updating menu boards

Widget Controller

Control on-screen elements based on numbers, words, times, etc.

Plus Dozens More!

We have endless customization abilities!